It is 2 oz. per square yard and the quilting distance is 2-4 inches. The 45” x 60” crib size is the ideal size for baby quilts, lap quilts, art quilts, and whole cloth quilts and wall hangings.

If you loved Soft n Crafty Low-Loft then this is the batting for you
Perfect batting for everyday use quilts. Light airy loft makes it easy to hand and machine quilt
100% Bonded polyester won’t beard or shift, will retain its shape after washing, and contains no added chemicals
Weight: 2 oz. per sq. yd. Loft about 1/4". Quilting distance is 2"- 4"
Quick Tip: Sometimes the polyester battings get wrinkled in the packaging. If laying the batting out to breath doesn't remove the wrinkles you can put it in the dryer on LOW with a damp cloth just for a few minutes, and they should disappear.

Poly Fil Low Loft Crib Size 45"x60" 100% Bonded Polyester Batting

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